How long do the blankets take to make?


Once starting the blanket on order, the blanket will take no longer than 5 days to make. The blankets are made in order of who ordered and paid first; there may be blankets ahead of your order, but you will be notified once we start your blanket and regularly throughout. No customer will be waiting longer than 2 weeks.


What postage options are there?


We ship our blankets worldwide with varying shipping fees depending on country. UK postage is £3.50 for Royal Mail first-class postage. Usually arriving within a couple of days depending on location within the UK. Royal Mail provide us with a shipping confirmation so you know the date and time your blanket was sent. We send all our blankets out perfectly wrapped, because we want our beautiful blankets to be protected from our hands to yours and a pretty blanket deserves pretty packaging.


How personalised can the blankets be?


At The Knitting Bee we pride ourselves on responding to a vast amount of enquiries quickly and accurately. When ordering your blanket you can explain what preferences you may have and ask us any questions which may not have been answered from our website or social media pages. This allows the blankets to be personalised to each customer and how they would like them. This makes each blanket fit the customers needs and style perfectly.


What size options are available?


We have two main size options available, a small and a large. The small blanket is approx 17 inch X 18 inch and our large blanket is approx 28 inch X 26 inch, sizes may vary slightly due to wool stretching or being tight. Our small blanket is the perfect size for newborn babies and fits car seats like a glove. The large sized blanket allows the blanket to grow with the little one and is a great size for cots, beds, prams and toddlers. We also offer matching mini blankets so your little ones can cover their dolls in the same perfect blanket as their own.


What colour and style options are there to choose from?


We have a vast amount of colours available for our blankets which are displayed on our website. Our colours include mixed balls with numerous colours, mixed balls which are colours mixed with white, speckled balls and also plain colours. Our most popular colours are the grey wools, pink & white, blue & white and also lemon & white.

The Knitting Bee also offers various different personalised stylings to their blankets. Styling includes the pattern of the knitting, which offers a striped option and a check option. Customers can pick up to 2 different wools of their colour choice to make these styles.

Other styling options include the trimmings we have available for our blankets. We currently offer a flower trim, which is available in white and pink, and also a fluff trim which is available in white, lemon, pink, purple and black. Our trims offer a finishing modern touch to our blankets and give the blankets the extra wow factor. All trims are hand stitched onto the blankets with care.


How do you wash the Knitting Bee blankets?


The Knitting Bee blankets are very easy to wash and this is the question we get asked most frequently. We ensure all blankets are washed, soft and smelling nice before shipping. To achieve this you place your blanket into a pillowcase (to prevent other items from pulling the wool) and into the washing machine with other baby items or a towel of a similar colour, to ensure no colours run onto your blanket. Other items are need to be added to the wash to ensure the blanket spins properly due to it being light weight. Place the washing machine on a light or quick 30 minutes wash. Once finished place the blanket onto a radiator to dry. If your blanket has a fluff trim we recommend to hand wash to keep your fluff trim in great condition, you can use a hair dryer to fluff your trim back up to its full glory or place in the tumble dryer on low heat for 10 minues. So no need to worry about sticky fingers and mess on your blanket, as the Knitting Bee blankets are quick and easy to wash.


Do we make custom items?


We have made amazing products in the past from our signature pompon wool. We try our best to make products which suit our customers and aim to do this at an appropriate price. We have made extra large blankets which are big enough to fit single beds and also runners for the ends of double beds. If there is any requests send them over to us and we will try our best to make whatever you need, if possible to do so.


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