When the idea of turning our small-scale hobby into a business was suggested, it sounded like a daunting and far-fetched idea.

For years our little family have hand-knitted our signature pompon wool blankets (among other knitted items) for gifts for expecting friends and family members. Until the requests started to pile up for various sizes, colours and trims.

Our unique style of blanket become a popular gift for baby showers, christenings and soon-to-be parents, especially when people seen the high quality of our blankets. We began to receive a large quantity of feedback, from existing blanket owners, requesting to set up a business page so they can refer friends and family who wished to order their very own hand-knitted blanket.

And that is how The knitting bee MCR began…

Our small family business has come on leaps and bounds in the past few months and we are not slowing down anytime soon. We frequently have new ideas and new designs and always strive to give the customer as much control over the design as possible; we aim to fulfil all of our customers requests for their Knitting Bee blanket. This process is fundamental to our customers and this is reflected in the amazing feedback we regularly get.

Why not take a look for yourself on our home page?

As a small business ourself, The Knitting Bee is crazy about supporting other local small businesses. We source all of our high-quality wool and trimmings from local stores, testing out a wide variety of products to ensure our customers blankets are up to an excellent standard, every single time. Our pompon wool is originally manufactured and shipped from Germany to ensure our products are to a high-class standard and quality; using a reputable brand allows us to achieve this.

The Knitting Bee MCR

We don’t just source high quality materials for our blankets, but we also use the most perfect products for our wrapping, posting and packaging. From tissue paper to business cards we purchase our materials in the same manner as purchasing our wool, aiming to use as many small and local businesses as possible. Making our packaging specific and personalised to The Knitting Bee (which is perfect for us at The Knitting Bee as we are all very fussy about quality).

The Knitting Bee MCR

We aim to make each customers blanket within 5 days. We post each of our expertly wrapped blankets out by first-class Royal Mail; this is to ensure our customers are receiving their blankets as promptly and as securely as possible.

Business so far has been better than we could have ever imagined and we are very grateful for every single one of customers and followers on social media. We appreciate all of our customer’s feedback and reviews as this allows us to grow and develop as a brand and improve our blankets for the future.

Thank you to all of our family, friends and followers for the constant support in everything we do and we hope that it is evident that our heart goes into every stitch of our products.

Thanks for reading our first ever blog! Keep your eyes peeled for further posts. Xoxo


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